Graduation Checklist

You're Almost Done

Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s time to get things in order for a smooth finish!   It can be exciting (and scary, too) when stepping out of the comfort of school into the industry, and we want to be with you at each step.  Here are the list of things to do as you finish up.

Ensure Financials and Payments are in order

Contact your Business Office Specialist (BOS) to make sure your tuition is fully paid, and any over-contract fees are taken care of.  If you have outstanding payments or fees, those could complicate your exit and diploma. 

Set up an Exit Interview with your Business Office Specialist

Once your financials are in order and you are fully paid, also check to make sure your weekly credits and test/assignment grades are fully complete. After that, set up an exit interview date with your Business Office Specialist (BOS).  You can do this in person or email them. It typically takes 1 week after your last clock hour for the school system and state testing agency to be updated to apply for your state board exams.

Complete your Exit Survey
Your Business Office Specialist (BOS) will provide you a copy of the exit survey once you set up the appointment.  Please fill it out, sign and return it.

We want to know what we did well, where we can do better, and if you have any thoughts and feedback to make our school the best it can be.

Read and sign your Exit Counseling Loan Disclosure
If you received financial aid from the government, it is important you read the Loan Exit Counseling brochure, and sign the exit counseling form.

Go to the website and fill out the Loan Exit Counseling documents.  A copy will be automatically emailed to the school when you are done.

Here is a short minute video to help you understand how to fill it out.
Let us know where you are working!

We like to keep track of our alumni, where they are, and what impact they are making on the community!


Once you start your job, let us know and share with us how you are doing. We’d love to know and congratulate you!

The Graduation Ceremony