Getting Started

You will receive an email from the EBC IT Department with your username and temporary password.  You will need this information in order to log on for the first time.


Activate Your Account

  1. Click on the link in the email to log on for the very first time
  2. Type in your student email address
  3. Type in the temporary password and log in

Pick a strong password

  1. If you have not already, watch the 3 minute video on our Cyber Security page (link) about how to pick a good password
  2. Choose and type in in a password that is unique to this account, and has strong protection. 

Set up multi-factor authentication

  1. The system will ask you to set up a second way to verify your information is correct -- most people use their personal email or phone number.  Please correct any information and update.
  2. Make sure to verify your email or phone number so no one else can get into your account.

Once you have activated your account, use the link in the student portal to log into your student email.

You can find the link on the side of the student portal website.

In order to receive hours for attendance, your laptop, iPhone or Android mobile device you need to have the Microsoft Teams application.

Microsoft Teams application icon

You can find the Microsoft Teams application in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

In order to check your student email on your iPhone or Android mobile device, you must install the Microsoft Outlook application.


Other email applications do not properly enforce the security protections that we require for your email.

You can find the Microsoft Outlook application in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store