Zenoti Mobile Application

These instructions help students and staff get logged into Zenoti for the first time.  

To set up and use the Zenoti Mobile Application, there are three main steps: 

  1. Log into Zenoti through a web browser and create your Zenoti application password 
  1. Install the Zenoti application on your smartphone or tablet 
  1. Log into the mobile app using your MyEBC email address and the application password you created.  

Step 1: Install Zenoti Mobile onto your smartphone or tablet 

  • For Apple users, search the Appstore for “Zenoti Mobile” by Soham Inc. 

Step 2: Log in to the mobile application 

  • On your smartphone/tablet, launch the Zenoti Mobile application.  
  • The app will prompt you to log in.  Type in the following information:  
  • Account name:  Evergreenbeauty  (evergreenbeauty.zenoti.com)  
  • It may take you to the myEBC login page. You will see it with the Evergreen Beauty College logo.
  • Click on Log In and type in your myEBC email address and your password.

You’re done! 


  • When you arrive at the school, open the app and select “Check In” to let the front desk know you are here and ready for service appointments. 
  • When you leave the school, open the app and select “Check Out”  
  • YOU MUST STILL CLOCK IN/CLOCK OUT with the biometric reader to receive hours!